Phone Consultation

If you are unsure what type of training is right for you, call us to discuss your needs and how our training and consulting services can help. There is no charge for this phone consultation.


If you would like help in assessing what your residential program or school’s strengths and needs are, one of our consultants will come to your site, observe your daily activities and structure and consult with key staff. We will provide you with a written report identifying areas of strength, key areas for improvement and recommendations for active intervention strategies.

Customized Trainings

Our consultants will collaborate with your school or program’s leadership to custom design a training that fits your specific needs and addresses the areas targeted for improvement. We can combine elements of multiple trainings or develop a unique training tailored to your preferences, providing your staff with the tools necessary to implement what they have learned.

Culture Change

No matter how powerful the training experience is for your staff, over time old habits may re-emerge and some of the new practices learned in training fade. Culture change doesn’t just happen. Author and Harvard Business School professor John P. Kotter discusses in his book “Leading Change” that there is a step by step process organizations must experience when they enact substantial change and a “Champion” individual or team must facilitate that process. In addition to consultation and customized trainings, our trainers/consultants will collaborate with you in creating and training a “Champion Team” representing key staff and roles within your organization. We will train the Champion Team, assist them in developing an implementation plan, and provide guidance, support and additional training to the champion team as they facilitate the culture change process.

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Consultation Services