Youth Detention Alternatives

Youth Detention Alternatives

Legacy Treatment Services strives to help youth involved with or at risk of becoming involved with the juvenile justice system obtain the supports and services to help them become healthy, contributing members of society. Services include a Home Alternative Release Program, intensive case management, intensive supervision, anger management and life skills. Counseling, psychiatry and medication monitoring are also available for youth.

HARP (Home Alternative Release Program)

In accordance with the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, the Home Alternative Release Program (HARP) aims to transition or keep Mercer County youth in the community who otherwise would be placed in detention. Utilizing electronic technology and direct field work, we work with youth as they await further services and court dates, attend treatment and continue their education.

Our HARP professionals follow up on school attendance and compliance with court-ordered treatment, evaluate the living situation of the youth and enforce mandatory court or probation appearances.

For more information on the HARP program, please call 732-995-1565.

Youth Detention Alternatives

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